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Workshops: "Urban Regeneration of the Vinigo Settlement"


AlpHouse at WaVe 2011 Architecture Workshop




Place: IUAV, ex cotonificio Santa Marta and Magazzini Ligabue, Venezia (IT)

Date: 27 giugno > 15 luglio 2011


The Department of Urban and Landscape Planning of the Veneto Region and the AlpHouse Project are involved in the tenth edition of the International Summer Workshop "WAVE 2011" organized by the University IUAV of Venice. The theme of this edition is "Urban Regeneration" and the AlpHouse Project has proposed as case study the Pilot Village of Vinigo in the municipality of Vodo di Cadore (BL).


The analysis undertaken by the project on the village will be the working basis for 2 of the 30 workshops that will see for 3 weeks nearly 2000 students working full time under the guidance of 30 architects: 10 lecturers of the Faculty of Architecture, 10 professors and Italian professionals, 10 international professionals.


The subject of the two workshops, led by architect Massimo Rossetti and Loredana Ficarelli will be "Modern Alpine Architecture, the new construction and/or reconstruction".


As part of the workshops activities on Wednesday, July 6, 10:00 am, at the Auditorium of Santa Marta the Arch. Franco Alberti from the Veneto Region will give a lecture to the participants of the two workshop entitled: "Alpine Architecture between Tradition and Innovation: the European Project AlpHouse"


The three-week workshop will conclude with an exhibition of projects whose opening is on Friday, July 15: on this occasion, a jury composed of representatives of political and cultural institutions, will award prizes to the most relevant students' works. The exposition will last until July 25th.


Link to WAVE 2011 website


AlpHouse Lecture

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